A stunning addition to your home

At Faroncrown, we have a fantastic range of exclusive decorative glass panels available for those in the Greater Manchester area. From panels that combine elegant bevelled glass shapes and striking colours, including marbled effects to subtle textured/frosted effects – a beautiful glass panel is a stunning entrance to any home. We have a range of decorative glass options available for you to pick from – these glass styles can be built into doors or windows, so you really can have the home of your dreams.

Decorative Glass

Bevelled doors

decorative glassdecorative glass
Bevelled designs have a richness and depth that is unique to this style of decorative glass. At Faroncrown we believe that bevelled glass can truly transform your door into a work of art. And it doesn’t stop there – bevelled glass can be used on any interior door throughout your home.

Combined lead and film

decorative glassdecorative glass
Create a traditional or modern style to match your interior decor with combined film and lead windows. We offer an exciting range of designs that will look good fitted to any style of door. The beauty of leading is that the style will continue to look great for many years to come. In fact, age only adds character to lead and glass windows.

Bevelled fanlights

decorative glassdecorative glass
You can now choose to have bevel shape designs incorporated into the fanlights of your windows. From the extensive Faroncrown range you are sure to find the one you like in our vast selection of traditional or modern designs.

Combined lead and film fanlights

decorative glassdecorative glassThe beauty of the bay window is a feature in many homes and now you can make sure that it brings you pleasure for years to come. Decorative glass will not only transform your home from the inside, but will also turn your house into a beautiful focal point for the local neighbourhood.