Supalite Roof Installation

If you’re looking for a warm roof conservatory, then a Supalite roof is exactly what you need. Durable, lightweight, and insulated, adding a Supalite roof to your conservatory means that you can turn it into an all-year-round room, rather than just a summer luxury.

A further benefit of the Supalite option, beyond it turning your conservatory into a warm roof conservatory, is that it is totally noise proof, meaning that you can enjoy your conservatory free from the noises of rain or wildlife, whilst still being able to bask in the beauty of nature. This expands what you can do in your conservatory, as protected from the loud noises you could put a television or other entertainment in without being constantly distracted or interrupted.

Adding a conservatory to your house is a costly investment and one that is taken after much deliberation. By making it a warm roof conservatory, and adding a Supalite roof, you can make the most of your investment, and turn your conservatory into a room that you can use all year round.

Faroncrown are official installers of Supalite rooves and carports and recently we conducted some work turning Ms Pinington’s conservatory into a warm roof conservatory.

warm roof conservatory
Ms Pinington’s conservatory with her old, cold glass roof

She was delighted with the results, as we were we. On the matter, she said “We have recently had blinds fitted in the conservatory and it has prompted me to write and tell you how pleased with are with the roof. It has made such a difference (no rain noise, no sun glare, no drastic extremes of temperature). We sit in it a lot now and it has been renamed ‘the snug’.” This is a great example of just how much converting your conservatory to a warm roof conservatory can really change the feel of the room and turn it from a summer luxury into an all-year-round staple of the house.

warm roof conservatory
Ms Pinington’s conservatory after completion, with a new, warm Supalite Roof

So impressed with our work was Ms Pinington, that she even said that she would be contacting us again in the near future, saying that “We will be in touch again soon as we need some double-glazed units replacing in there, however.” We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, work and service, and it is so pleasing to see all three come together on a project.

If you’re looking for a warm roof conservatory, contact Faroncrown today on 0161 366 7788 to discuss your options and Supalite rooves.