A new and exciting window solution we’d like to introduce you to is flush sash windows. These beautiful windows are perfect for homeowners who want to keep traditional features, save money on timber frames and also reap thermal saving benefits. 

These windows on the exterior give a completely flush appearance. They close into their outer frame so the window it’s in line with the face of the window, meaning there is no visible lib when looking at the window from the outside like standard PVC windows. 

Looks Like Traditional Timber Window Frames

Many property owners need traditional timber window frames for their property owing to planning or environmental restrictions. These timber frames can be really expensive, require regular maintenance and tricky to be replaced. The PVC Flush Sash Window from Faroncrown not only comes with a 10 year warranty but can also be foiled to look like traditional timber.  If timber isn’t the look you desire a sleek contemporary finish can also be achieved. Either style gives your property safe, secure, efficient and great looking windows.

Below is a selection of photo’s from one of our recent instalments. These windows look fantastic on a range of different properties.

Why Choose Faroncrown To Fit Your Flush Sash Windows?

Not only do we have a catalogue of the highest quality products we also pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service. You can be assured of a high level of customer care from all our team members; providing a fast, efficient and friendly service. Don‘t just take our word for it though, here’s what one of our customers had to say about their flush sash windows

“Been extremely impressed with the work and professionalism of your installation”

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